Thank you for visiting and taking time to indulge yourself in the history of the Medal of Honor, and this Nation's greatest Warriors.

   The following pages are filled with the tributes I have created and hopefully with many more to come in the future.  At the beginning of each page I provide you with my connection to each of these Heroes, I also provide a description, and the intended representation for each item enclosed in the tribute.

   Each of these tributes are designed and created by me, with my own funding.  THESE ARE NOT MY TRIBUTES, they are controlled and maintained by me.  I've created these tributes for others to research and admire, and to inspire them to do bigger and better things with their lives!

Mission #1:  ​I am concerned that our youth has forgotten the sacrifices made by our military and their families.  I am equally concerned that we have lost the meaning of American Values, Honor, Integrity, Sacrifice to our community and the pledge made to our great nation, the "Pledge of Allegiance".  I am dedicated through these tributes to restore these values back into our lives. 

.Thanks so much for the visit, enjoy the site and please feel free to share with anyone, especially our youth!​

Tribute Display Rule:  After the tribute has been completed and the recipient is hopefully pleased with the end result, I ask him where he would want the tribute revealed and then placed.  If he has a certain location in mind, I coordinate and pay for it to be shipped to that location for one year.  At the conclusion of that year, I request that the display be sent back to me so I can place it in another location.
  It is my goal to have these Tributes in the public eye year round, except for times that maintenance or repairs are needed. ​

Mission #3:  To place these tributes in High Schools, JROTC, Military Training Locations, Veterans' Organizations and other facilities that cater to the military minded in the hopes of sparking interest in that specific recipient.  For example, a young person is considering service to our country.  He/She sees this tribute and is interested, and hopefully inspired to serve in any capacity for our great nation.  Mission #3 COMPLETED! 

Mission # 2  To create a tribute of honor, that can be placed in a position respectful of it's purpose.  These tributes represent the best our military have to offer, I must place them in locations that will Honor the Recipient, the Tribute and establishment for which it's placed.